Category: Design process

KOSMOS’s packaging and instruction brochure arrived.
Getting ready for Designjunction!

We received these photos from our supplier. Sorry for the fuzzy photos, but slots are modified after many trials. We do not know why but the technician who laser cut this trial also cut the bottom of the bowl. A bowl can’t be a bowl without it!
Of course, our bowls always come with the bottom of the bowl…

It was a long journey to find a right combination of material thickness, slot’s height and length …etc. As metal moves as we cut into the shape, it was different between what we saw on the drawing and the prototype following the drawing. The only way to find the right combination was to try making many times.

ECLIPSE’s first prototype was made in outskirts of Tokyo. We collaborated with a prototype maker discussing details in order to interlock the two bowls well. The design requires accuracy in cutting the slots and it was the most difficult part to make it functional.

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